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Environmental benefits

Gram for gram, particulate emissions from diesel vehicles can be more harmful than other particulate emissions (which come from similar sources to NOX, such as wear on vehicle tyres and brakes, industrial and construction sources, and natural dust).


For example, PM2.5 emissions from diesel exhaust contain high levels of black carbon, which has been found to be four to nine times more deadly than other types of PM2.5


Where once it was a deadly mixture of soot and smoke from coal-fired power stations and factories that was largely responsible for air pollution, today it is the combustion of diesel that is to blame for much of the problem – with diesel powered vehicles alone responsible for around 40 per cent of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.


Let’s take London, like most large cities, it has high levels of pollutants. These include tiny airborne toxic particles (PM) and the toxic gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2), both emitted in vehicle exhaust, especially diesel. In financial terms this equates to billions of pounds.


Testing in Denver, Colorado, (the State law enforces a monthly mandatory emissions test) on dump trucks resulted in not only improved MPG, but also a drop of more than 50% in dangerous particulate emissions.


By creating a greener leaner burn during combustion the HydroDRIVE™ significantly reduces those particulates and so makes our cities and world a cleaner, greener environment.


Detroit Diesel Powered Dump Truck

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Commercial benefits


B10M Bus

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When considering the real cost of trucking – the Per Mile Operating Cost of a Commercial Truck is the down-side!


"The single largest operating expense is diesel fuel. A commercial truck can easily consume more than $70,000 of diesel fuel per year." 2020

Left you can see a typical response once a HydroDRIVE En-Cell has been fitted.  This one was on a Volvo B10M Bus, one of a fleet, in Sydney, Australia back in in 2016.  The results were achieved using one of our early prototypes.  The all new HydroDRIVE™ makes that effort look easy!

With those sort of savings we can make your bottom line 10% healthier.  Get in touch and we will prove it to you.

Environmental benefits
Commercial benefits
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