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A Unique Energy Cell

The HydroDRIVE™ works on either 48V, 24V or 12V DC, a feed taken directly from the vehicle (power consumption is similar to using a vehicles sidelights – comparatively nothing!).


The HydroDRIVE™ houses a uniquely designed ‘ENERGY CELL’ (En-Cell) fabricated in recycled 304 stainless steel, which is immersed in a conductive Green Chemistry, that we call ‘B9’ (a benign solution), which is primarily made of water and of course with some food grade Green-Chem added.


The reaction between the En-Cell and the ‘B9’ separate a large part of the Hydrogen (H2) from the Oxygen (O), then the H2 is separated further by the HydroDrive gas separation unit and it is this Hydrogen that augments the existing air-supply to the engine.  It is only a small amount, but it is enough!


The addition of small amounts of Hydrogen into the engine combustion cycle give the engine a greener leaner burn and additionally cleans the carbon deposits found in all diesel engines.   The latter is extremely evident when a HydroDRIVE™ is fitted to an older diesel engine, resulting in almost immediate improvement in power output.


During the process the carbon that is usually left-over is more or less consumed and the result is a cleaner combustion that produces more energy for less fuel burnt, hence the vehicle has lower emissions and as a bonus uses less fuel.

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