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B9™ GREEN chemistry

Our Green chemistry is one of the many reasons that the "HydroDrive Energy Cell™" is unique.


 While others use rare earth minerals, exotic substances that are difficult to manufacture, and even worse have to have special disposal regulations imposed by the EPA, our B9 GREEN-Chem is exactly that, Benign.


Made from Biotechnological by-products, and a special unique blend of FDA and EU approved ingredients, our product is so good it can even pass the strictest of environmental and health testing.


Greener than green, this product has no harmful effects either in mixing, usage, blending, or disposal.


B9™ is a zero maintenance, sustainable catalyst, producing High-Grade Hydrogen.


It is truly environmentally friendly!


The HydroDRIVE™

Smart-H's market-ready Energy Cell the "HydroDrive™" sits onboard the vehicle and augments the air supply to the engine with minute amounts of H2, substantially reducing poisonous exhaust emissions and fuel economy.

Independently controlled by our AI controller the Q-Drive, this combination is a step towards Carbon-Zero in 2021.

Our inspiration came from NASA (the USA Space Agency), the largest user of liquid Hydrogen in the world, which indicated that, “the use of Hydrogen augmentation for gasoline fuel was now scientifically proven as advantageous.”

We looked carefully at this unexploited technology and decided that the two benefits (fuel savings and reduced emissions) were something that would greatly benefit the world.

Product development has gone through many steps to get to where we are today.

Taking 6 years in product development, transitioning from laboratory tests to V1 prototype, followed by on-board testing in the USA, Australia and China, culminating in an end product that  installs easily onto any diesel truck, bus or plant vehicle in under an hour.

Now in 2020 it could be called ‘Pure Genius’ – a robust, ergonomic, stylish and rigorously proven unit, with no moving parts, simplistic in its operation, low maintenance, low cost and above all efficient.

The HydroDrive™ Energy Cell's body is made from 70% recycled materials and run on 100% Green-Chem (B9), producing a constant rate of Hydrogen at super low power.

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